Akira Back creates nostalgic dining experiences, inspired by the diverse culinary influences acquired during his upbringing and through his global travels around the world. His menus are a melting pot of culture, which present each guest with his stories and expressions that can be enjoyed and appreciated on a personal level. 

Chef Back’s passion is to provide a food and beverage experience that is unique and leaves people emotionally connected with aspects of his food, personality and life. This provides a rare and memorable experience, with each guest becoming an expert of what Chef Back is all about. This idea is precisely what is behind the success of the Akira Back brand. 

Akira Back

Namesake restaurant serving modern Japanese cuisine which embodies the modern dining experience with world-class food, service and ambiance. The restaurants are a melting pot of culture with a focus on Chef Akira’s life experiences from traveling the world as a professional snowboarder and Chef.

The restaurant represents the roots of his culture along with the roots of his culinary training. His passion is to provide a food and beverage experience that is unique and leaves people emotionally connected with aspects of his food, personality and life. 


A unique upscale dining experience in a modern Korean steakhouse where cooking and eating take center stage together. From a dry aging room to smokeless grills at every table and with large cuts of beef, ABSteak sets itself apart from the competition offering an experience that is unmatched in the culinary world.

Patrons have the option to have their meat cooked on their tabletop smokeless grill by themselves or by their server as well as the option to have it prepared in the kitchen and delivered to their table. Each option makes the patron part of the experience and ensures every morsel of steak is hot and fresh.


A twist on authentic modern Chinese food with a meticulously curated menu using only the finest fresh local ingredients combined with an unparalleled design and fun for all with private karaoke rooms for entertainment.

DASHA is like nothing ever seen before in the culinary world. 5-star cuisine with a fun, young, hip atmosphere. The entertainment and the food are both one of a kind. 


Dosa is a critically acclaimed restaurant which has won a Michelin Star in Seoul, Korea for multiple years in a row. This concept is moving to London, England in the new Mandarin Oriental hotel in Mayfair, guaranteed to win critical acclaim and media for the hotel and earn Michelin stars for its cuisine and service.

Using locally grown organic ingredients that change with each of the four seasons throughout the year, dinner at DOSA is curated be a one of a kind experience. The cuisine highlights Chef Akira’s genius by combining his culinary techniques along with his life journey placing the restaurant in a category of its own.

DOSA offers a limited seating experience ambiance that transforms diners into another world of exclusivity and a wine list that makes every connoisseur jealous This is an experience that every foodie needs to try more than once.


High energy, high-end with modern design elements and pops of color to create a vividly unique atmosphere. Lumi by Akira Back brings together dining, drinking and socializing with an eclectic-chic setting. Flawlessly blended DJ beats will add to the lively atmosphere, setting the vibe for guests to enjoy inventive shareable plates and sake craft cocktails.

Lumi by Akira Back features adventurous flavors of Nikkei cuisine. The menu encompasses Peruvian ingredients such as tropical fish, quinoa, aji amarillo peppers but molded by Japanese techniques. Signature dishes include the Akira Back pizza and Lumi’s mystery box. Customers will also enjoy a vast selection of sushi rolls and nigiri/sashimi options for all taste buds. 

ABar Lounge & Rooftop

ABar Lounge is the ultimate night out on the town. It is a different from all the rest as you enjoy evening in an upscale but laid-back atmosphere listening to intoxicating music with friends and loved ones. Dining options include small bites from the Akira Back menu including both hot and cold dishes.

You will find cocktails that are works of art, craft beers, and natural wines that play to your palette. Our mixologists perfect tried-and-true cocktails that are on everyone’s favorites list, then put their creativity to the test with an ever-evolving cocktail menu. You never know what inventive cocktail our mixologists will come up with next.


ABbq is traditional Korean BBQ with tableside grills. Korean BBQ is known for its marinated meats including the famous bulgogi and galbi dishes.

Korean BBQ is also famous for its banchan (small side dishes) including bap (cooked rice), guk or tang (soup), gochujang or ganjang, jjigae and kimchi

AB Sushi

AB Sushi features signature dishes from the Akira Back menu while highlighting more sushi and sashimi options for guests. This modern Japanese cuisine also features and extensive sake list to pair with every flavor including Akira Back's own sake brand and flavors. AB Sushi is every fish lovers dream with options for all palates and experience levels.