Akira Back Restaurants Open In Jakarta & New Delhi


Opening in Seoul, Bangkok, Dubai and more in 2016.

Akira Back Restaurants are centered on cultural merging: Mixing flavors and tastes of Korean and Japanese along with a variety of other cuisines in an exotic fashion.


Authentic Japanese cuisine prepared with a Korean accent, derived from seasonal produce and artisanal sourced ingredients. Beverages will include a variety of sake & wine selections by the bottle or by the glass. The bar will offer carefully selected specialty cocktails.


Akira Back Restaurant will set itself apart in the restaurant world with its food, beverage selections, service and commitment to overall value. With future locations opening in Korea, Dubai, Shanghai, and Mumbai - Akira Back Restaurant will be a global staple.


Akira Back Restaurant will have a seating capacity of up to 180 seats and a bar capacity of around 16 stools. Reservations will be accepted for the dining room areas; however the bar seats will be designated for a walk-in only policy.